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Specialist in artificial disc replacement, non-fusion surgery and minimally invasive surgery

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Meet the Doctor - Jason M. Gallina's Research

Current Research

"Risk Factors for Extension Lag of Bony Mallet Fingers Treated Conservatively"
Jason Gallina, M.D., Steven Glickel, M.D., Salial Gupta, M.D.

"Evaluating The Responses of Human Cells To Different Materials Utilized As Bone and Ligament Replacement"
Jeffrey Dermksian, M.D., Helen Lu, Ph.D., Jason Gallina, M.D., John Dunleavy, M.D. - Ongoing

"Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis in the Radio Carpal Joint: A Case Report"
Jason Gallina M.D., Louis Catalano M.D.
Submitted to American Journal of Hand Surgery

"Bone Pigmentation: Etiology and Pathogenesis"
Jason Gallina, M.D., Thomas Sculco, M.D., Edward Dicarlo, M.D.

"Thromboembolic Disease In Total Hip Arthroplasty and The Relative Effects of
General, Regional and Hypotensive Epidural Anesthesia"

Jason Gallina, M.D., Geoffrey Westrich, M.D., Margaret Peterson, Ph.D.

"Venous Thrombosis Following Bier Block: A Case Report and Review of the Literature"
Jason Gallina MD, Benjamin Rosenstadt MD

"Worst Case Scenario for BMP-2 Mediated Gene Therapy in Posterolateral Fusion"
Hyun Bae, Jason Gallina, Robert Tatsumi, Li Zaho, Ben Pradhan, Pamela Wong, Linda Kanim, Jeffrey Wang, Rick Delamarter
Submitted to Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

"Effect of Ketorolac on Lumbar Spinal Fusion When Used Perioperatively For Pain Control"
Ben B. Pradhan MD, MSE, Robert L. Tatsumi MD, Jason Gallina MD, Craig A. Kuhns MD, Jeffrey C. Wang MD, Edgar G. Dawson MD
Submitted to Spine for Publication

"Subungual Keratoacanthoma of The Hand: A Case Report"
Jason Gallina, M.D., Angelo Lopano, M.D.


Basic Science Research

Mount Sinai School of Medicine - New York, New York
Dept. of Orthopaedics
Research Assistant: "The Biology of Skeletal Repair and Regeneration."
Projects included the Role of Type I and Type V Collagen in Fracture Healing.
Supervisor: Thomas Einhorn, M.D.



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