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Specialist in artificial disc replacement, non-fusion surgery and minimally invasive surgery

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Learn about Dr. Jason Gallina

Board certified in Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Jason Gallina MD, board certified in orthopedic spine surgery, specializes in the state of the art diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Patient Experience

Your experience as our patient includes:

A personal consultation with Dr. Gallina includes:

  • a full history and physical exam
  • formulation of a surgical or non-operative treatment plan
  • radiological and other diagnostic tests as needed
  • on site bracing if indicated
  • arrangement for any further studies, physical therapy, appliances, consultations, or surgery that may be needed.

Office Hours:
Monday Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Minimally Invasive Surgery
Artificial Disk Replacement

Tell Me ....

Spinal treatments for my pain, injury or spinal condition?

Our office treats all types of spine problems, including those resulting from sports injuries, active lifestyles, and accidents.

Spine condition/injuries, including neck and back pain, occur frequently. You want the most advanced treatment options such as minimally invasive spine surgery or artifical disk replacement, and the exploration of alternatives to surgery.

Surgery is not always necessary

If surgery is necessary, Dr. Gallina is a board certified orthopedic spine surgeon. At times, however, spine problems can be resolved without surgery.

Non-surgical and surgical treatments are available.

The objective of treatment is to provide excellent comprehensive orthopedic spine care.

Your rehabilitation is the highest priority.

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