Jason M. Gallina MD PC

Specialist in artificial disc replacement, non-fusion surgery and minimally invasive surgery

820 2nd Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10017
541 Cedar Hill Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Phone: 212-616-4130 | Fax: 212-983-0483

After visiting Dr. Gallina - FAQs

When you get home:

  • Review what Dr. Gallina told you, notes you wrote in the Doctor’s office and any materials the doctor gave you. If you can’t remember something or if you don’t understand what the doctor said, call the office for clarification.

  • Follow Dr. Gallina’s instructions exactly. Be sure to rest the injury if told to do so, take the full course of medication prescribed, and be sure to follow any prescribed exercise routine. Remember you are a vital part of your health care team.

  • Keep Dr. Gallina informed of any significant changes in your condition.

  • Follow up with Dr. Gallina for test or radiology results, any adverse reactions to medication or any complications/changes in your condition.

How do I know what type of activities I can do?

  • Dr. Gallina will determine which activities are safe and beneficial to your recovery.

  • Do not undertake strenuous activities without first consulting the doctor.

  • Patients are encouraged to be as active as possible during their treatment. Active patients recover more quickly.